About Web Design

'You know you have reached perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add but when you have nothing more to take away' - Antoine de Saint Exupery, aviator and author


1. Easy to find

Google Adwords makes it easy for customers to find you. See About Adwords for more details.

2. Easy to use

Your site should be fast and simple to understand. Your competition is only a few clicks away.

3. Mobile compatible

The explosion in smartphone and tablet use has made it critical that your site should present properly on these platforms.

4. Everything works

Test your site. Keep it simple. Avoid unnecessary complication.

5. Good appearance

Pages must look good and load fast. Text must be properly formatted with consistent spelling and grammar. Images must load fast and be relevant to the product or service.

6. Focus

People do not have time to waste. Your users should get the information they are seeking without frustration.